Megan and friends.

Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan


The plan is going to fail

Was The Word



Megan ponders what happens to our baby memories.

Gift Wrapped

Megan discusses Santa Claus and the Newtown tragedy. Jokes + sad feelings + more jokes.

A Teachable Moment

Megan's student wrote a porno play featuring his teacher.

Nineteen Heartbreaks And One Relief

A list for Valentine's Day.

Feet First In The Water With A Baby In My Teeth

Flight of the Turkey

Megan on Megan

Audience reactions

Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant


Dropping the Fish Down the Garbage Disposal

I Miss Buffy! Megan Gogerty’s Awesome Tribute Album to Buffy T.V.S.

I Miss Buffy T.V.S.

Lots of Xander to Love

Legend of Mr. Gordo