Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan

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Photo by Rob Merritt.

Directed by Saffron Henke:

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Comedian Megan Gogerty is having a midlife crisis. When a friend suggests that she - a sunny, nerdy, cornfed comic - can’t play Lady Macbeth - that tragic figure of darkness and power - Megan launches on a quest to prove otherwise, only to discover Lady M isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. Torn between the bloody ambition of Lady Macbeth and the gleeful anarchy of the witches, Megan comes face to face with her own ambivalence about womanhood.

Part personal narrative and part textual analysis, comedian and monologist Megan Gogerty (Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant; Save Me, Dolly Parton) asks the question,  hasn’t every woman, at one point or another, wanted to commit regicide? Funny, subversive, engaging with cultures both pop- and high-, Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan parses the difference between empowerment fantasies and actual empowerment.

Audience Pick of the Fringe, Cincinnati Fringe Festival