Barbie 1

Full-length solo comedy. 1W.

“Everyone knows ‘charming’ means ‘small,’ but there’s more to it. ‘Well maintained’ means it’s old, but not awful. ‘A good opportunity’ means it’s a dump. ‘A fine investment’ means it’s a dump where someone has stolen the toilet.” 

In her latest tour-de-force, Megan Gogerty gleefully skewers the hilarity and heartbreak of buying and selling a house in today’s economy. The offers, the counter-offers, the closings that don’t close, the deals that fall apart at the last minute, the granite countertops, the cracked foundations, and the disillusionment of the American Dream all come under the microscope of Gogerty’s keenly observed wit. 

“Gogerty is simply a fantastic storyteller, with impeccable comic timing.”

- Matthew Falduto, Iowa Theatre Blog

“With a cleverly crafted narrative, turn-on-a-dime comedic timing, and a healthy dose of poignancy, Gogerty thoroughly entertained a near-capacity crowd on April 11 at Riverside Theatre.”

- Rob Cline, Hoopla