Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant


Full-length solo comedy. 1W.

Listed in "Top Ten Plays of 2009" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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An outrageous half-true confessional about one hopeful liberal’s journey from the wilderness of the Bush years to the giddy Tomorrowland of the ‘08 election. Along the way caucuses are attended, fish attempt suicide, Iowa is celebrated, and babies are born. Both funny and feminist, HILLARY CLINTON GOT ME PREGNANT is a time capsule from the dawn of the 21st century in America. If the personal is political, then the political can become very personal indeed.

Megan Gogerty's semi-autobiographical story starts with meeting Hillary Clinton at a book signing and spirals out from there. In turns funny, moving, and ludicrous, Gogerty recounts how her decision to have a baby get entangled in and inspired by American politics. From meeting Carol Burnett in a bathroom to dropping her fish down the garbage disposal, HILLARY CLINTON GOT ME PREGNANT crackles with Gogerty's keen wit and sharp-eyed take on politics, pop culture and parenting.