Bad Panda


Full-length comedy. 2M 1W.

They’re the last two pandas on earth. It’s mating season. One of them falls in love with a crocodile. Who is gay. And then the baby comes. In this sweet celebration of non-traditional families, Gwo Gwo the panda must balance his newfound desire for Chester the crocodile with his obligations to his prescribed panda mate, Marion. The animals eat, mate, splash around in identity politics, meditate on their impending extinction, and love one another as only families can.

"Bad Panda offers nonstop hilarity and sweet introspection...Playwright Megan Gogerty’s smart, witty script and dedicated character development are to be lauded." -

"No school field trip to the zoo was ever this entertaining or self-discovering and this show will touch your heart on a warm and fuzzy level…" - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"[Bad Panda] is fresh, cute, expertly-acted, well-directed, and despite the charaters being animals, very human." - Maryland Theatre Guide

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